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ENTROPY: Communication, Disorder and Perpetual Motion Machines.

As promised, an article on the fascinating concept of Entropy. A real go-getter, entropy seems to have it’s hands in a million different pies (probably because it knows the pies will inevitably become a massive pile of sloppy, mushy, disorder and who would want to eat that?). If you didn’t get that joke, hopefully youContinue reading “ENTROPY: Communication, Disorder and Perpetual Motion Machines.”

LORENZ CURVES: Measuring Inequality.

Recently, my sister asked the best way to produce some illustrative Lorenz curves for an essay she was writing. Now, I had heard of Lorenz curves but I had no idea what they actually were. Buckle-up for our first mathematical adventure! Enter Max O. Lorenz, creator of the Lorenz curve, mostly interested in railways andContinue reading “LORENZ CURVES: Measuring Inequality.”

REMRAM: An Introduction.

Hello World! An apt beginning to a blog which I hope will (eventually!) have a fair amount of quasi-compsci and quasi-math content. To be honest, I hope it will be quasi-everything, from neuroscience to mathematics, artificial intelligence to linguistics. The unifying theme: to reveal some of the hidden connecting threads on which the observable worldContinue reading “REMRAM: An Introduction.”